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The modern world has promised freedom and individuality, but a new type of man is being mass produced instead.  If you see your reflection in the image that will be portrayed in this article…then evaluate and change!

The modern man is one who’s individuality isn’t sought out, but rather he prefers to be a part of the crowd…entrenched in collectivity.

The Mass Produced Man can be described by the following traits:

  1. He lacks original judgement.  He reads nothing but what is found in his Facebook feed, preferred news source or entertainment app.  He can only speak on that point of view and usually can only quote the problem with the adversarial side but rarely a solution.
  2. He cringes at the thought of silence.  Meditation and tranquility are kryptonite to this man, who fills any gap with screen time, music or TV.  He needs noise…to be drowned in distraction.
  3. Self-avoidance is essential.  The indulgence of alcohol, Netflix binging and endless phone swiping are consumed in steady doses to fill up the hour.  While the pro fighter has his diet and training regimen dialed into a single focal point, he seeks dispersion.  Internet pornography and the excitement of momentary pleasure allay the problem of life.
  4. He seeks to be lead rather than lead.  He is susceptible to propaganda and the latest outrage portrayed by the media.  He clings to a favorite talking head puts the work or thinking in for him.
  5. He agrees with the culture that every instinct should be satisfied.  Mortification and self denial are like words spoke in a foreign tongue.  He equates doing what you want, when you what, with who you want….as freedom.
  6. Relativism is the philosophy that oozes from his desire not to impose his views on others.  He lays down moral imperatives one month to change complete directions the next.  His vigor for what ought is driven by the emotions of who might be hurt, rather than the objective sense of what is good for the other.

” Compromise is a word found only in the vocabulary of those who have no will to fight” – St. Jose Maria Escriva

Psychologically he is an unhappy man…full of despair, anxiety, fear and the meaningless distractions of this life.  However, this man possesses much hope…he avoids and is on the fence because he recognizes his interior misery.  Escape and cowardice is not what this man is made of, he is greater than anonymity.

It takes courage to look with intellectual honesty at the self-inflicted wounds that we have which were caused by our own misbehavior.  Once we recognize these wounds, it is dependent on our response to take them to the Divine Physician to be cured.  Jesus Christ offers us his elixir:

“Come to Me all you who are weary and heavily burdened and…you will find rest for you souls” (Mt 11:28, 30).

“Put on the Armor of God” (Eph 6:14)